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Here you will find all the colors available for bands on the Undies. All fabric is my super stretchy comfy Cotton Spandex. 


Solids- Dark Purple, medium purple, lilac, bubblegum pink, light pink, hot pink, red, dark blue, medium blue, artic blue, dark sea foam, light green, charcoal, golden rod


*colors may vary from screen to screen. Please go by color name to determine. You can always contact me and I can color match to a crayola crayon. 

*Please Dont add to cart. Add in text box on product you are buying what color you wish*

Solid Color Band Options

Out of Stock
  • Made with high quality vibrant Cotton Spandex fabric. The fabric does feel "cold" to the touch but doesn't feel cold on. That is from the spandex to make them extra stretchy.

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