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Cloth goods for the entire family



 Welcome! My name is Kay. I started my adventures on creating as a single mom of two amazing daughters. One 6 year old daughter Aurora and one infant Ally. These cloth creations are my new full time job so I can be with my daughters and not need a stranger to watch them just so I can work a job I hate. 

When my first daughter was an infant I started creating handmade holiday dresses for her because we did not have much money to buy special dresses. I bought bottom of the barrel fabric, used fabric my mom had bought when I was a child or reused fabric from my old clothing. I did my best to create something fabulous for my daughter. I quickly fell in love with creating.

As my daughter got older she started to present sensory issues, which I also have. That led me to find fabrics that she loved. I stumbled across this beautiful vibrant cotton spandex fabric that my daughter just loved. I started putting aside every penny I could to invest in buying as much as possible. I would now like to share my beautiful creations with everyone else!

We hope you love our creations as much as we do! 




all items made By Aurora or Kaitlyn 

I am a Pet Friendly home. I cannot promise items and cloth have never come into contact with the animals in the home. 

We are a smoke free home.

Please wash all clothing items before use. All clothing should be washed on cold and tumble or low heat dried. Stuffed animals, spot clean only. Re-usables need to be washed a minimum of 3 times before use for absorbency. 

Some items like the stuffed animals contain small parts. Although I use safety eyes I cannot guarantee they will not come apart. Please do not leave children unattended with these items.


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